​ThermiRF is the first device of its kind with temperature control, using radio frequency to generate heat.

Before & After

The ThermiRF device is multi-functional and minimally invasive. For ThermiSmooth Face, it can tighten skin on the face either from the inside-out or from the outside in. Skin tightening is the primary use for ThermiRF, but since it offers such precise temperature control, it's a versatile device. At slightly higher temperatures it can be used for ThermiLift to melt fat like under the chin or bra bulge.

For ThermiRase, it treats the nerves that cause you to scowl. It can achieve results similar to Botox, but without the frequent injections of botulinum medicine. With ThermiDry, it can also treat excessive perspiration under the arms, also known as hyperhidrosis. The results of these procedures can be long-lasting.

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